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What Acupuncture Will Do for You
November 30, 2017
Photo by Sarah Ball on Unsplash

Acupuncture has helped a lot of people with many different ailments. It has been around for centuries, originating in China around 6000 BCE. Some people are uncomfortable with acupuncture because of needles, but it does so much for the body. In this article, you will learn what acupuncture will do for you.

Reduces Headaches and Migraines

Many people suffer from migraines and headaches on a daily basis. These people are constantly looking for a trick or medicine that will help them. If this describes you, try acupuncture. It will help to reduce migraines and headaches. According to a 2009 study by the Center for Complementary Medicine at the University of Munich, those who used acupuncture had fewer headaches and a decrease in the pain intensity.

Helps to Treat Anxiety

Anxiety is something that many people also suffer from. This disorder can be debilitating and cause issues with relationships and daily life activities. Studies have found that this form of alternative medicine helps to reduce the effects of anxiety. No one completely understands why this form of therapy helps anxiety, but it often lessens anxiety better than a medicinal regimen does.

Treats Insomnia

Insomnia affects millions of people all around the world. According to the Sleep Health Foundation, 1 in 3 people suffers from at least mild insomnia. Many people attempt to change their sleeping habits with medication, although it is not effective. To help with insomnia, get acupuncture. The Beijing University of Chinese Medicine looked into studies on insomnia and found that compared to no treatment, receiving acupuncture reduced the symptoms of insomnia. Like anxiety, acupuncture worked better than traditional medicinal regimens to relieve insomnia. Acupuncture is a great alternative for treating insomnia because you are not putting any medicine or chemicals in your body.

Helps with Pregnancy, Labor, and Post-Partum Depression

Doctors are turning to acupuncture to aid women with pains and stress from pregnancy, labor, or post-partum depression. They are saying that it helps with the physical and emotional stress on the body. It can also help with any mental or mood issues that may occur during or after pregnancy. It is an option up until the delivery and after. But, you need to speak with your doctor before receiving any medical attention.
Now you know what acupuncture will do for you. Remember that it can reduce the intensity and volume of headaches or migraines and that it helps to treat anxiety and insomnia. Finally, remember that it can help women throughout pregnancy, labor, and post-partum depression. It can help with many ailments and change the way you feel. If you are thinking about using this form of alternative medicine, speak with your primary care provider to see if it is right for you.

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