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The Most Common Sports Injuries
November 8, 2018

Even though there are hundreds of different types of sports injuries, certain areas of the body are more likely to be damaged than others. These areas make up nearly eighty percent of all sports injuries. Here are some of the most common sports injuries:

Achilles Tendinitis

Pain and inflammation can occur when the Achilles tendon, located at the back of the foot, becomes overused. This is known as Achilles Tendinitis. When left untreated, the condition can worsen until it becomes nearly impossible to run.

This sports injury is most common among athletes who are involved in sports that require running and jumping. Stretching the calf muscles before any high-impact activity can help to prevent this injury. As far as treatment, rest, ice, compression and elevation is your best option. You can also try massage therapy or ultrasound therapy to help with inflammation. Additionally, it’s important that you don’t play sports until the sports injury is completely healed.


An injury to the brain, known as a concussion, is usually caused by injury to the head. Disorientation, loss of vision, dizziness, amnesia, loss of balance, nausea, and trouble concentrating are the most common symptoms of a concussion. However, an individual doesn’t have to lose consciousness to obtain a concussion.

This sports injury is most common among sports such as football, boxing, hockey, and soccer. Concussions can also occur in sports like skiing and gymnastics. However, most people improve within a few weeks, although multiple concussions can cause permanent damage.

The best way to treat a concussion is to get plenty of rest and take Tylenol if you’re experiencing pain. Additionally, you may have to avoid playing sports for anywhere between a few hours to a few months. Also, if you have experienced an injury and believe you may have a concussion, you should seek professional medical attention immediately.

Runner’s Knee

Nearly fifty-five percent of all sports injuries are knee injuries. This injury is most common among runners, cyclists, swimmers and football players. Runner’s Knee can also occur from overuse, which can lead to irritation of the tendon located below the kneecap.

Replacing your shoes regularly and finding a softer surface to run on can help to prevent Runner’s Knee. It can also help to strengthen your quadriceps and rest more between workouts. If an injury does occur, you should avoid exercise for at least two days and take supplements such as Vitamin D for inflammation.

Shoulder Injury

Almost twenty percent of sports injuries involve the shoulder, which can include dislocation, sprains, and strains. This type of injury is most common in tennis, swimming, weightlifting, baseball, and volleyball. Injury is usually caused by overuse, which causes the rotator cuff to loosen.

Pain, stiffness, and weakness are common symptoms of a shoulder injury. Shoulder injuries commonly occur when the shoulder muscles are inactive for a while. You can prevent injury by strengthening your shoulder muscles through weightlifting. To treat an injured shoulder, relax, use ice, compression, and elevation, in addition to chiropractic care which can help relieve inflammation.


Injuries are common among athletes, although certain areas of the body are more prone to damage than others. If you have obtained a sports injury, you should see a doctor immediately. To learn more about sports injuries and how a chiropractor can help, visit Lake Pointe Chiro.

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