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Non Invasive Diagnostic Testing

We have a number of non invasive diagnostic testing tools available at our office. Non Invasive diagnostic testing is a way to diagnose symptoms of “not feeling well” without using any invasive surgery. Many times, these types of tests help guide our holistic counseling.

 Non Invasive Diagnostic Test for Foot 3D Laser Foot BodyScan
In our office, we have a new 3D laser foot balance machine that shows foot arches and how your feet affect the rest of the body and how to correct them. This laser foot scan is used to identify imbalances in the foot, abnormal pressure points, and arch problems that contribute to foot, ankle, knee, hip and back problems.
Antioxidant scanner Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner Antioxidant Level Scanner
Our new Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner helps measure your antioxidant levels in just 30 seconds using the palm of your hand. It then gives you a Body Defense Score from 10,000 – 50,000+. This Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner is the world’s first and only tool that provides you with a non invasive, fast and convenient way to measure your antioxidant status. It allows you to know, in 30 seconds, whether your supplements are actually protecting you.The knowledge can empower you to make improvements to your diet and lifestyle, and help you make an informed decision on which supplements are properly formulated to impact your antioxidant health.


Special Events – Non Invasive Diagnostic Testing

During the year, we partner with specialists for non invasive diagnostic testing that we know can improve your health. These special events are coordinated with diagnostic testing partners with whom we have a long-standing professional relationship. These events usually require an appointment on specific dates and times when they are present in our office. These special events include:

 Thermographic Breast Screening Thermography Screening
Thermography is a non-invasive screening that maps your individual ‘thermal fingerprint’. This fingerprint is unique to you and does not change over time unless there is a disruption, disease or pathology. The scan is done without ANY pain, radiation or compression.
 non invasive diagnostic ultrasound Diagnostic Ultrasound
 non invasive diagnostic nerve conduction velocity Nerve Conduction Velocity (ncv) studies


If you are unsure why you don’t feel well, you may consider non invasive diagnostic testing as an option to determine the root cause of your symptoms. With no additional pain and large surgery costs, you can get a closer look at why your body is reacting a particular way. Call us 770.974.5215 or contact us today to schedule your non-invasive diagnostic test.

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