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Advanced Technologies

As an innovative chiropractic and wellness center, we keep up with advances in technology to provide superior service to our patients.

The IMPULSE IQ® adjusting instrument is a break through in chiropractic care for those who are weary of chiropractic spinal adjustment and find it difficult to trust the manual force of a different chiropractic doctor. This innovative technology was developed by Dr. Christopher J. Colloca, a chiropractor himself, who saw the need for controlled and gentle application of force during a chiropractic spinal adjustment. It uses two key components: the force needed to move a bone and the frequency of that optimal force. The instrument measures in real time the motion response of the spine with an accelerometer. The immediate feedback from this machine decreases the risk of using too much or too little force for a spinal adjustment. This technology creates a consistency in the amount of force applied to the adjustment.

No Cracking Sounds. No Popping Sounds. Precise Pressure.

The IMPULSE IQ® adjusting instrument is used to target dysfunctional spinal joints and extremities to relieve pain, improve mobility and restore function. It delivers gentle and precise chiropractic adjustments with no manual adjustments. There is no “cracking” or “popping” sounds when you get your adjustment. It is safe and effective for patients of all ages.

This technology is excellent if you suffer from:

  • shoulder pain
  • arm pain
  • wrist pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • scoliosis
  • TMJ
  • fatigue
  • muscle spasms or soreness

Schedule an appointment today and find out how a chiropractic instrument adjusting can remove the “popping” or “cracking” sounds while still helping you to feel better.

Chiropractic Care For
Your Child

Do your children suffer from back pain? Do they get constant ear infections? Chiropractic treatment has been shown to help your children feel better, and to reduce their number of ear infectionst.
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