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Chiropractic Care

What Can You Expect From Us?

1. Lake Pointe Chiropractors begin with the same undergraduate education that other types of doctors receive, plus an additional four years of post-graduate college education.

2. Our chiropractors must pass an extremely rigorous set of National Board Examination tests, and are required to meet equally stringent licensing requirements.

3. Our chiropractors attend professional continuing education seminars, scientific symposiums and stay current with the latest research.

4. Advanced chiropractic equipment that eliminates “cracking” and “popping” sounds. See more about this advanced technology.

What Can You Expect From Your Chiropractic Care?

1. We will review your complete case history to evaluate all relevant aspects  of your health.

2. We will evaluate your posture, check your reflexes, your muscle strength, and  appropriate orthopedic and neurological tests, and any necessary scans will be  performed.

3. We will recommend a comprehensive chiropractic care program, including adjustments, heat/ice, muscle and soft tissue rehabilitation, nutritional programs, exercise programs and massage therapy if we find areas of abnormal spinal function. Your personal plan will be based on your age, overall health, lifestyle and unique spinal problems.


What Does Chiropractic Care Mean For My Health?

1. When you consult with a Lake Pointe Chiropractor, you will be entering into a unique partnership.

2. Our chiropractors are part of a professional team that work together to meet your health needs. We plan and implement a specific plan, with long-term strategies, to improve your quality of your life.

3. Our holistic health and chiropractic care plans are safer than aspirin, muscle relaxers and back surgery.

4. Yes, our expert knowledge, experience, tools, and strategies can have you “feeling better” sooner than you think.

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