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What Massage Therapy Will Do for Your Injury
November 16, 2017
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Massage therapy has a lot of healing properties when done properly. It can help you deal with injuries and live your life free of pain. In this article, you will learn what massage therapy will do for your injury.

Heal Sports Injuries

People who play any type of sport will deal with a sports injury at some point. These injuries often occur from repetitive stress on your muscles or bones. Using massage therapy for your sports injury can help to counteract the pain. The pressure you will feel from the massage will increase blood flow, which warms the muscles. Massage therapy will also help to reduce any swelling in joints or muscles. It can even help the pain to subside so your injury heals faster. The most common form of massage therapy people use to help sports injuries is a Swedish massage. This type of massage allows your therapist to do a variety of techniques such as kneading or tapping. The four most common strokes in Swedish massage are below:

  • Effleurage- This a smoother stroke that helps to relax soft tissues.
  • Petrissage- This stroke is traditionally used after effleurage. It is the kneading sensation that you feel in a Swedish massage.
  • Friction- These are the deeper circular strokes that are mainly used to increase blood flow. This stroke is particularly helpful to those with sports-related injuries.
  • Tapotement- This stroke is more of a tapping sensation using cupped hands or fingers.

Heal Car Accident Injuries

Massage therapy is one of the most recommended courses of action for those who sustain an injury after a car accident. During and after a car accident, your muscles tighten to help protect you from the impact. Massage therapy will help to relieve the tightness of the muscles and alleviate any pulls or strains that occurred. The most common form of massage therapy used to help with car accident injuries is deep tissue massage. Deep tissue massage will focus on releasing trigger points created in the accident. Your massage therapist will use slower, deeper strokes. This will target the many layers of muscles and tendons in your body that are causing you distress. Depending on where you’re hurting, it can be a little painful at first. But if you keep working with your massage therapist, you will be relieved of pain and continue with normal activities.


Now you know what massage therapy will do for your injuries. Remember that massage therapy can help reduce your pain with sports injuries by using Swedish massage techniques. Also, remember that it can help your car accident-related injuries by using deep tissue massages to work out your trigger points. No matter what type of injury you sustain, massage therapy can help you. Make sure to speak with your doctor and massage therapist to figure out what method is right for you.


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