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Massage Therapy For Your Specific Ailment
February 19, 2014

Massage therapy should not be the same for everyone. Within the world of massage, there are different techniques that use specific methods to target precise parts of the body to decrease pain. Learn how massage therapy can be used to reduce pain for these ailments:

Massage Therapy For Specific Ailments

Massage Therapy For Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a medical condition that results from the depletion of calcium in the bones. This evacuation causes soreness during movement and that kind of pain is ideal for treatment through massage therapy. Swe-Thai massage therapy performed by our licensed massage therapists would certainly qualify as one type of connective tissue massage worth consideration for treating osteoporosis.

Massage For Arthritis

The swelling of joints can produce inflammation that produces pain. An ideal therapist for treating arthritis with massage is one with experience in treating injured athletes since those types of injuries are very often consistent with arthritis pain. A massage therapist who has worked with baseball pitchers, for example, is likely to know exactly how to approach arthritic pain that is located in the arm while football specialists may provide greater help with hip and leg pain.

Massage Therapy For Pulled Muscle

Massage therapy can be a particularly effective treatment for a pulled muscle. Just remember that massage is not recommended until after an appropriate period of inactivity has passed. Swedish massage would be effective in stimulating normal circulation of the blood which had been suspended due to muscle contraction.

Massage Therapy For Sciatica

The symptoms associated with sciatica include back pain around the lumbar area, the buttocks and thigh, and down into the leg. Your options are open for massage therapy. Massage therapy that focuses on connective tissue techniques are all valuable choices for treating discomfort located in the sciatic nerve. Neuromuscular massage therapy (NMT) would be especially effective for those suffering from chronic sciatica pain.

Finding Pain Relief

To find out the right kind of massage therapy needed to decrease your pain symptoms, come into our office and visit with Dr. Deb. She’ll give you an overall evaluation and recommend a plan to get you feeling pain-free fast!

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