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Golf Swing: Sports Injury?
October 8, 2014

golf game sports injury

With proper spinal and extremity alignment (shoulders, wrists, ankles, and feet) an athlete’s body can function more efficiently. Just as proper alignment of tires, shocks, and struts increase speed, agility, and strength on a race-car, athletes will see the same benefits within their body. In addition, athletes will increase flexibility, decrease recovery time, and decrease incident of injury.

Golfers who prepare their bodies can protect themselves from sports related injuries, before they happen, through routine chiropractic care. Golf Swing


Elevate Your Golf Game To the Next Level

A sports chiropractor will not only treat most injuries, he or she can show the player how to avoid them. Chiropractic treatment for athletes can be a good alternative to expensive surgery that requires months of downtime. Many of today’s top professional athletes and teams travel with a chiropractor for injury avoidance and performance enhancement.

strong back for golf swing - chiropractor sport injury In our office, we address the cause of sports injury through:

  • specific, accurate, and controlled chiropractic spinal adjustments
  • recommended nutritional supplements
  • a variety of soft tissue massage techniques to sooth and relax sore muscles

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