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Five Best Options for Non-Surgical Back Pain Relief
March 3, 2015


Looking at non-surgical pain relief for your lower back (a.k.a. lumbar spine)? Today we’re sharing 5 options that work really well to provide relief. It is important to take a look at each of these methods to see what will work best for you.

Pain Medication

Some of the pain medications that are typically used for treating lumbar spine pain are acetaminophen, NSAIDs, oral steroids, narcotic drugs, muscle relaxants and certain antidepressants. There are both advantages and disadvantages with each type of medication. The problem you’re having, as well as your overall health will determine which of these medications is right for you.

Heat Or Ice

Applying ice or a heating pack can relieve lower back pain. For some people, alternating between heat and ice works best.

Manual Manipulation

It relieves lower back pain by, increasing your flexibility,  improving blood flow, as well as reducing the pressure and muscle tension there. This method is very effective for back, however, you’ll need to visit a chiropractor or osteopathic doctor for this treatment.

Therapeutic Massage 

While many people associate massage therapy with just relaxation, it can actually help immensely with back pain. Massage therapy improves blood flow in your lower back, which in turn reduces muscle stiffness and decreases overall stiffness in this area of your body. Of course, you’ll want a trained masseuse to give you a massage so that you’re sure it’s done correctly.


Sometimes back exercises and physical therapy can prove very helpful. Typically, these will include a program of strengthening, stretching and low-impact aerobic exercises.

The Bottom Line

Clearly there are a lot of options available if you are in search of a way to reduce your lower back pain without having surgery. It’s simply a matter of working with your doctor to decide which of these things is going to work best for you and help ease your pain. To talk more about non-surgical back pain relief, or any other type of pain relief without surgery, please Contact Us.

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