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Pain In The Neck – Bad Posture To Blame?
November 18, 2013

Bad Posture- back pain

What’s Causing Your Pain?

In today’s work environment, posture might not seem all that important. Many US workers spend countless hours seated in front of a computers without considering the impact on their own health. After all, being seated in front of a computer or standing at a retail station doesn’t sound hazardous to one’s health, does it?

Quite the contrary! A bad posture when sitting or standing at work can bring agonizing pain. When you don’t keep your posture aligned, it can ultimately lead to perpetual feelings of sickness and muscle cramps. That’s because when you slouch while standing or sitting, you’re contracting muscles that can conflict with digestion and blood flow throughout your body. Bad posture in your computer chair can contract muscles in your neck or back that can hinder blood flow, giving you neck pain, lower back pain or throbbing headaches.

The Domino Effect

I’m sure you’ve heard that you should move around every half an hour or so, but because it interferes with our productivity, it’s often ignored. Unfortunately, there’s a domino effect when you ignore good advice. Neck pain, muscle tension, headaches will have you reaching for the over-the-counter medication to get quick relief. But, over-the-counter medication consumed in large quantities over long periods of time can affect the way your body absorbs nutrients during digestion.

Real Neck and Back Pain Relief

So, the achy feeling you have when you leave the office is your body’s way of signaling that your bad posture is affecting your well-being. The pain you feel is your body asking for help. Here at Lake Pointe Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we know posture can seriously affect your health and leave you with agonizing pain everyday. But, real relief is just a call away. With our massage therapy techniques, your pain can be reduced and you can start feeling better after just one visit. Moreover, we want to help you stay focused on your optimal health and find ways that you can stay pain-free everyday.

Call us 770.974.5215 for a massage appointment today and start “feeling better” from the pain caused by your work environment.

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