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How Artificial Intelligence Will Help Holistic Medicine
April 20, 2017

It seems like something out of science fiction, but the rise of artificial intelligence is no longer a thing of the future. With artificial intelligence already in the process of integrating into patient care, expect to see it used more and more in the future. Imagine the benefits to patient care with the increased use of AI. Right now, its application is limited to veteran’s health services. Once this test period is over, however, it may change the world of medicine forever.

What’s Happening Now

The VA is involved in a mass trial of an advanced, medical AI. They designed the program to gather, protect, and analyze patient data from all relevant sources. It provides accurate medication lists for patients visiting new physicians. In addition, the detailed information it stores helps stop medical professionals from making common errors.

The diagnostic capabilities of this new technology and its predicted use are exciting. There is no replacement for the human touch, and AI is no exception. Artificial intelligence can never replace doctors, intuition, and actual patient examinations. Instead it works to support the doctor by suggesting both a diagnosis and relevant treatment options. Moreover, it uses big data to rapidly compare everything from symptoms to family history. It matches this data with an equal broad database of ailments and treatment options. Interestingly enough, the potential of AI to actually prevent illness is another reason the world of holistic medicine is sitting up and taking notice.

Potential for Future Development

Holistic medicine depends on a tremendous range of factors to determine the best treatments for patients. Since holistic medicine aims to support the body to treat underlying problems rather than mere symptoms, this process becomes very complicated very quickly. Family history and previous conditions increase a patient’s risk factor for many conditions. Artificial intelligence works to prevent many of these ailments by mitigating the risk early on.

The AI being built for the VA possesses the ability to predict an individual’s major risk factors based on every piece of data ever entered into their medical record. This gives holistic physicians a tool to more effectively prevent major illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. The AI approach to medicine helps to lead all doctors along a more holistic path. It equips established holistic physicians to pin point and prevent more problems before they start.

The system naturally favors holistic practices. It supports the entire body rather than treating one illness at a time. Once it becomes widely available, holistic physicians can tailor the AI to certain preferences. For instance, the AI might me tailored to look at a broader range of treatments than it currently recommends. With a few tweaks, it could very well be the solution to human error, and become the most effective whole body health service in history.

It’s intimidating sometimes to see how far technology has developed, but it’s also thrilling. Holistic medicine would benefit exponentially from a system that helps doctors assess risk factors. The future of medicine lies in preventing rather than treating illnesses. Nothing prepares the medical field for this shift quite like this innovative AI.  It’s the ultimate digital assistant, for you and your doctor.

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