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Acupuncture Treatments: How Acupuncture Works and What to Expect
January 4, 2016


According to Chinese Medicine, illness, injury, and pain constitute imbalances in the body that disrupt our life force referred to as chi flow.

Acupuncture points occur along meridian channels in the body. One way to explain how meridians function in a living body is to use moving bodies of water, such as rivers and streams, as a metaphor. Chi flow moves through the meridian channels, just as rivers and streams flow through the earth. Rivers and streams flow in various directions and interconnect, just as meridian channels do throughout the body.

The water’s flow is like the life force referred to as chi. When the flow of water reaches a dam and become stagnant, the water builds up, just as blockages in the meridian, of your body, disrupt the chi flow. Acupuncture points, when stimulated, release blockages, allowing chi to flow so the body can function in harmony, just as rivers, streams, and tributaries flow in harmony with the earth. During an acupuncture treatment, your acupuncturist uses special needles to release blockages in the meridians, and allow chi to flow.

Acupuncture facilitates the release of chi flow through the meridians, so the body can function and heal. An acupuncturist uses special long thin needles to stimulate acupressure points that function by moving chi flow. An acupuncturist inserts the needles to stimulate specific points according to the client’s individual needs. Prior to an acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist determines individual needs through a client intake.

The needs of the client are not only ascertained by the nature of the injury or illness, but also by assessment methods specific to Chinese medicine. These assessments determine how your illness, pain, or injury is creating excess heat or depleting heat in your meridians. The acupuncturist will check pulses and the client’s tongue for diagnostic signs specific to Chinese medicine standards.

It is important to breathe deeply as the acupuncturist inserts each needle. The gentle poke may hurt a little, and produce a drop of blood, but once the needles are inserted and adjusted the sensation is positive and comfortable. Once your acupuncturist inserts all of the needles, you will be left to lie still, relax, breathe, and enjoy the benefits of chi flow.

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