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How to Treat Chronic Pain without Medication
August 30, 2017


Most people who seek to treat chronic pain without medication are focused on one of three problems. First, they feel that the pain medication is just masking their issue, and they want to pursue true healing. Secondly, pain medication has not been as effective at pain management as they hoped for. Lastly, people want to treat chronic pain without medication because the side effects of pain management drugs are too severe. Whatever your reasons, there are many options to choose from as you explore what can heal and support you. Start by embracing a holistic approach, moving on to a specific treatment plan, and what a medication-free plan of treatment will look like for you.

Embrace a holistic approach

Pain medication is a very direct way of treating pain. When it fails, it can feel like there aren’t a lot of other options for improvement. Treating chronic pain without medication focuses on a holistic approach. There could be more than one reason why you’re hurting. A lot of issues in your life have combined to create a perfect storm of chronic pain. You don’t have to live that way! The first step towards easing your pain may be to do a complete overview of your health. By working on other areas, you could eliminate some of the supporting factors for your chronic pain.

Massage works wonders

Getting a massage is one of the first things recommended to treat chronic pain. For example, headaches can commonly be caused by a neck injury. Once you have frequent headaches, the stress and the fear raises levels of some hormones in your blood, and these hormones in turn can cause pain and tightness in the muscles. Even simple muscle tension can give you a severe headache. A massage therapist can target the site of your injury with a deep tissue massage. This increases blood flow to the injury and works to keep it supple and flexible. At the same time, a general massage reduces tension and inflammation in your body. Your stress hormones are lowered, reducing your muscle tension and eliminating the supporting causes of chronic headaches. Massage is popular in holistic approaches to pain management.

Acupuncture can be used for pain

Acupuncture has a long history of use with great effect. While the mystical explanations comfort some and make others uneasy, the scientific basis of acupuncture is simple. Many problems, from chronic pain to frequent digestion problems and more, are caused by certain nerves firing even when they’re not stimulated. This trains your brain to expect input from these nerves, and thus you experience severe discomfort for essentially no real reason. Acupuncture works to reset your nervous system. The needles provide stimulation to your nerves, allowing them to react to something real and then removing the stimulation, allowing them to stop signalling.

When you’re dealing with a chronic issue, you need a chronic solution. When you’ve been in persistent pain, it will take a while to prevent that pain. Too many people stop using holistic approaches because they don’t see improvement fast enough. It was a long road to get to chronic pain. Whatever treatments, from massage to acupuncture and beyond, will need some time to work. Seek improvement day to day, and you’ll reach your ultimate goal, to treat chronic pain without medication, in time.

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