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Eat as if you have diabetes…statistics say you might!
September 28, 2015
The American Diabetes Association Fast Facts: Data and Statistics About Diabetes reports the disturbing news that if current trends continue,...
Four Holistic Approaches to Weight Loss
September 24, 2015
Losing weight is difficult for many people to do. There is no shortage of fad diets and gimmicks on the market that promise to deliver results....
Chicken Bone Broth Recipe
September 17, 2015
  Ingredients 1 whole free-range chicken or 2 to 3 pounds of bony chicken parts, such as necks, backs, breastbones, and wings Gizzards from...
Fermented Veggies Recipe

  What you will need: 1 wide mouth quart jar (or several – see tips below) and a plastic lid (or several). (never use anything metal when...
Study Shows: Children and Teens Deal with Increased Headaches During t...
September 10, 2015
It's that time of year. Students are going back to school and extra-curricular activities are starting up. Children and teens may head off to...